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tv   News 19 7  CBS  January 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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forest drive. >> bumper to bumper when i get off of 77 to get to the area. >> reporter: she is fed up with the traffic. here father died in a car accident last year on forest drive. she said there is too much congestion. >> haven't even gotten fixed from the floods yet. >> reporter: the company is looking to build a multi-use project that would include 298 apartments, restaurants and shops. the manager says they have taken into consideration the traffic concerns and have plans for improvements for traffic patterns. >> direct flow of traffic from the site, in an effort to reduce traffic.
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don't see the benefits. >> businesses may have to close down because people will stop coming if it is too much of a hassle. >> reporter: developers hope the residents will change after hearing more about the plan during a meeting tuesday night. >> once they say it will be focused on smaller commercial restaurants and the shops that will be attractive to the neighborhood with the traffic improvements that we are proposing it will be a huge positive for the community. >> reporter: the planning commission will discuss the project tomorrow and they will talk about rezoning the e area so that it could be used for a mixed use building. the findings will be submitted to city counsel and city counsel will look over those things in february and then will decide about the rezoning. janae frazier, news 19 wltx.
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accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. . >> chilly today. but it turned out to be about normal for this time of year. our low this morning was 35 at the airport. 37 in the city. both locations reached 50 degrees for a high temperature. right now it is clearing outside. temperature 42 degrees. air mass is dry. wind is from the north of at 12 miles per hour. that is producing a wind chill of 36. it will be cold today. a low temperature of 25. tomorrow 46. and tomorrow night maybe even colder with a low of 23. there are changes ahead for the weekend. i will have the forecast coming up. >> thank you. judge today granted a half million bond for michael slager. and tonight law enforcement say he remains in jail despite records indicating he was released.
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murder in the shooting death of walter scott and the trial will begin october 31. attorneys were hoping for a earlier date, michael slager was chargedarve smart phone video show -- charged after cell phone video surfaced. hand full of new laws, include one -- laws including one that will help needy families. . >> reporter: this home is almost finished. >> sheet rocked inside. ready for trim. floor finishes. cleaning of the yard, landscaping. 30 days from now. weather permitting. >> new law will help charities that build and fix homes for low income families. it removes the sales tax off all the construction materials the charities buy.
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$3,000 per house we will save. on a rehab, hard to say, sometimes they run $40,000. guessing 2, $3,000 saverrings there as well. >> the money will allow the groups to build and renovate more homes. >> this law was meant to help charities save money on materials. but it could have an consequence of helping flood victims. as long as charities are doing the reparrock and the family is -- repair work and the family is below the income. >> any materials that we buy it applies to yes. anybody we serve. as long as they are within the income. looking to start our work with the flood victims that are low income families. >> reporter: this house is the first home in the neighborhood. they have a grant to buy up to 9 lots in the neighborhood with hopes of replacing boarded up
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news 19 wltx. . another new law adds sales tax, lawmakers exempted amazon to attract the retailer but it ended january 1. so now you have to pay sales tax on anything you buy on amazon. the newest law enforcement officers are spending their first day on the job serving the community. 8 new officers who graduated last week are taking part in the beyond the badge program this week. we caught up with them today as they helped out at the food bank. he was just sworn in this morning. he says this was a great way to start serving the public. >> great for us. we get to meet people in the community. grand new day one like you said. this place is a great resource. gives us a chance to see what it is all about. new officers, it gives you the
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positive light. so much stuff in a negative light, gives us a chance to let them know we care. >> they ever several more events scheduled. they will meet with seniors, reading to students and helping out with meals on wheels. this man is facing prison crash. piere deshawn ray. on christmas eve was was driving drunk and speeding. he lost control of the car, hit a curve and crashed into several poles and a wall and now a passenger inside the vehicle has died. he is 24-year-old james lightbourne. piere deshawn ray has been charged with felony -- felony dui resulting in death and simple possession of marijuana. we know the name of a motorcyclist who was shot to death over the weekend. he is a 46-year-old, adrian silva.
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motorcycle wreck on long greek parkway. when they got there adrian silva had gun shot wounds. no arrests have been made. if you have information that could help investigators call crime stoppers. river bank zoo, a sea lion exhibit and a children's garden will open to the public. zoo spokeswoman said this is the biggest renovation they have done and study shows the zoo adds $60 billion to the local economy. and that provides 700 jobs motivating the zoo to grow. still ahead, two days after he said he would play, a
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why tomorrow on news 19 this morning colder temperatures will continue tomorrow. how to dress for that second school day of the new year and if you spent too much during the holidays there is a way to recover financially by looking
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tomorrow how to put more cash you are watching news 19 at 7:00 p.m. with jr berry. former head football coach died. red parker led the tigers for four season. he died this morning from heart issues. he spent 7 seasons at the citadel and the football coach and athletics director at a high school in arkansas. he retired ending a 62 year coaching career. red parker was 82. the current clemson tigers are gearing up for the national championship game. the team will face-off against alababa a week frfr tonight in glendale, arizona. however once again clemson will
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they have alabama as a 7 point favorite. clemson was also the underdog against oklahoma last week and they won big. of course we have you covered as they try to win it all here. reggie anderson is heading heading to arizona. his first report airs tomorrow night right here on news 19. a top wide receiving prospect for the gamecocks is having second thoughts at playing at usc. he told repopoers he was headed to south carolina however today he tweeted out that he is unsure at this point where he will play his college football career. in his message on twitter he apologized to usc coaches and fans and asked for understanding and time. and coach added another name to his growing staff.
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that curt roper has been hired as offensive coordinator and quarterback coach. he served in a similar role in florida. he comes to usc after spending the past season with the cleveland browns. he has also had coaching stints at duke, tennessee, kentucky and mississippi. the usc men and women's basketball teams are undefeated. women ranked number 2 and the men number 20. together they are a combined 26- 0. that is the best combined start in sec history. today coach talked about the team's great play. >> the most important thing in conference basketball is that you put the last day, you put it behind you right away. don't get apped up on a wiwi orora loss because it is not good for the next game. you know, that is -- you know,
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they are at right now. they have been in a great place mentally and it continues that way. >> the men's team start their sec season tomorrow night on the road taking on the tigers. well, we are in for a chilly, chilly night, jim? >> we are. and skies are clearing right
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to be cold tomorrow now the midlands most accurate forecast with chief
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>> the clouds are disa.patrioting. skies are clearish -- are dissipating. the skies are clearing. high pressure is centered over the mid-west producing winds along the eastern seaboard and the cold air continues to come in through the day tomorrow. now today we saw high temperatures that were in the 40s and 50s. 49 greenwood. and sumpter. 51 orangeburg. 45 degrees in rock hill. 53 in charleston. right now temperatures are dropping. some areas already in the 30s. 35 degrees up in greenville and rock hill. 39 sumpter. 42 columbia. 43 degrees in orangeburg. when you factor in the wind, this is what it feels like. feels like it is 36 in columbia. 31 in sumpter and florence. 29 degrees up in rock hill. that breeze will be diminishing tonight but it will still be
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hours. tonight clear and tomorrow will continue to see lots of sunshine. with the northerly wind it will be chilly during the day tomorrow. toom night clear skies towards day break. we saw clouds coming in and it will be partly cloudy along wednesday but we are not expecting rain on wednesday. lows tonight, though, it will be a hard freeze. 25 columbia. 29 in manning. tomorrow high temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 40s. 44 for winnsboro. 46 columbia. 48 manning. and orangeburg. our seven-day forecast, well, it will be dry through the middle of the week. 23 for a low wednesday morning with a high of 47. the clouds move in and temperatures moderate. 59 degrees on thursday. on friday we will see rain moving through the area with a high of 62. we will see a break on saturday. partly cloudy 66 degrees. more rain comes in sunday with a high of 63.
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colder again next monday with a high temperature of 55. >> mercy. next week colder than this week? >> might be. the middle of the week, this week, middle of the week, next week middle of the week will be two of our coldest. reminder for those who haven't signed up for fema. this is the last day you will be able to register and return applications to the smalls beadministration. local offices closed an hour ago but you can call the hot line till 10:00 p.m.
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taken till midnight. the grinding of the greens wraps up later this week. keep the midlands beautiful turning your christmas trees into mulch. trees can be dropped off through thursday. several drop off locations, we
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website for you. all right. midlands residents will have a new way to do their grocery shopping. a company called shipped is bringing its delivery service to columbia. it is an app based service that will deliver from publix stores. the launch is wednesday of next week. the jackpot for the powerball drawing is up to an amazing $400 million. and lottery director says a big jackpot now could mean millions more in education funding here. >> every ticket we sell we
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dollar to education so it is good for everybody when we have these jackpots. we don't have them that often anymore. when we have them we try to make sure that we point out that there are a lot of winners besides those who just win the cash and the games. >> you can see the drawing wednesday night before news 19 at 11:00 p.m. meanwhile $100,000 ticket for the past saturday drawing was sold at the jp mart. the winner matched four white balls and the powerball worth $5,000. the prize is doubled because the winner spent an extra dollar for power play. the winning player has yet toto come forward and 180 frames the date of the drawing -- days from the date of the drawing to claim their prize. that is our time for now. join us again for news 19 at 11:00 p.m.
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next. [ music ] hi. >> moving day for the new miss universe. as she breaks her silence about the mix up seen round the world. >> colombiaia >> i understand where she's coming from. >> plus, new years hotel nightmare. >> there is no way i am going to examine this room without my entire body covered. >> then, bill cosby's blindness. is he exaggerating it? look at him just 7 months ago.
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illnesescard. >> then, megyn kelly's shocking revelation. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs. >> she was sick as a dog the night she went up against donald trump. >> plus, hillary vs. the heckler. >> you are very rude, and i'm not going to ever call on you. >> what we've learned about the heckler. and the san bernandino massacre site. first day back in business. the last time she was there, this happened. >> i'm take a bullet before you do, that's for damn sure. >> then dr. oz's new years diet secrets. now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybodod and thanks for joining us. it is moving day for the woman who ultimately won the miss universe crown. but the beauty who wore the crown first may have had a change in heart about
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